Why is plus-size lingerie a little more expensive?


For average size girls and large size girls, the shape of average size girls is completely different from that of large size girls. If the technology of average size clothes is used to make plus size lingerie, it is completely impractical, even if their clothes use the same material. And when buying lingerie, we must pay attention to the invisible health problems hidden in it, and try to choose a brand with a good reputation. Even if the price of good lingerie may be relatively high, we should also choose it. For ordinary consumers, the quality can only be distinguished by the naked eye and touch. Here are the reasons why large lingerie may be more expensive:

1. Lingerie Technology
The fineness of workmanship can reflect the quality of lingerie. Lingerie of different prices seems to have little difference at a glance, but if you compare lingerie of more than ten yuan with lingerie of several hundred yuan, you can see that the stitches and seams of the sewing parts are much more exquisite, and the details are handled in place, while most cheap lingerie is rough and have too many threads ends, There are even off-line and cracking.

2. Brand reputation
Many people pay attention to the brand when buying coats, and think that lingerie doesn't matter if it's worn inside. Lingerie should pay more attention to the brand. Well-known brands will cherish this intangible asset more. They will not only do a good job in the details where customers can see but also be unambiguous where customers can't see. If lingerie can't pass the test standards of the national testing department, the toxic and harmful substances hidden in it will directly affect the health of consumers. Moreover, large brand companies also have a group of high-quality shopping guide teams, and consumers will be handier in grasping the size, matching coats, and other aspects of shopping.

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