Why do plus-size women want underwear in every color?


In the past, whenever I walked into a lingerie store, I was drawn to the variety of brightly colored underwear. Sadly, salespeople always say "no" to me. Finally, plus-size white, black, or gray underwear always ends up in my drawer.

Only recently have designers started offering more color options for the plus-size market. Here, I have to recommend an online plus size lingerie store for everyone - isabeleros.com, because the underwear in it is not only rich in color, but also very sexy, which can definitely make our curves more visible.Now I have plus size lingerie in my drawer, not only in white or black, but also in red, blue, pink, sexy, prints, and more, sexier and more confident than I have ever been. I think, like different languages, each color represents a unique emotion or attitude. In the intimate and sophisticated world of lingerie, these nuances can make all the difference.

Red evokes senses, emotions and sensations.
Red is associated with love, passion and initiative. Wearing red underwear can have the same effect. It represents a passionate, energetic, dramatic and driven personality.

Black underwear - elegance and temptation
In religious settings, black is associated with death, melancholy, pain and grief. In the fashion world, it has been redefined. Women who choose black underwear usually like to seduce and seduce, gradually build the atmosphere. They feel powerful, sexy and confident. Men are never bored in their company.

White - eternal purity
White usually represents innocence, holiness, light and joy. The delicate embroidery and fine lace of the white lingerie symbolize these qualities. White lingerie is perfect for the romantic soul; it's also for women who are ostensibly shy but open to new challenges.

Pink - gentle and romantic
Pink symbolizes cuteness, sweetness, innocence and tenderness. Pink is a dreamy color, and it is also the color that girls have been longing for. Pink exudes a candy smell, like a lover in love, giving people infinite beauty.

Blue - eternity and freedom.
Blue is a broad color. When it comes to blue, the sky and the sea often come to mind. Blue is a symbol of eternity, it is the coldest color, showing a beauty, quiet, rational, peaceful and clean. It's also a neutral and positive color that connects and sends a reassuring message to your partner.

Wear green underwear, feel free and easy
Green is synonymous with nature, forests and wilderness. Green underwear is the embodiment of free spirit. Green is also associated with positivity, as it evokes feelings of hope.

Purple lingerie - the pinnacle of elegance and mystery.
Purple is a noble and mysterious color, a slightly melancholy color, a color that people can't bear to forget. Purple represents authority, prestige, depth and spirit. Purple has long represented royalty and nobility. Different shades of purple, from lavender to lavender and violet, symbolize wealth, luxury and extravagance.

Yellow underwear - full of youth and vitality
Yellow is the color associated with bright, springtime, happy sunflower petals. It represents warmth, happiness, youth and cuteness. Yellow underwear makes you feel fresh and moving. It comes in a variety of shades, each with its own unique effect. Yellow also happens to be the color our eyes respond the most to. Therefore, wearing yellow underwear will attract the eye with a playful and sexy effect.

No matter which color a woman chooses, a woman of all body types must have a variety of colors to choose from so she can feel her most confident and sexiest self every day.

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