What do you think plus-size women really want to change?


Sometimes people's subjective consciousness is more inclined to be "white and thin". "If you can't lose weight, it means there is no hope!" "If you can't lose weight, it's your fault!" We have always said that we should abandon this extreme concept that has harmed several generations of women, but it is difficult to do so. Because of this, we need big-size fashion to balance this extreme media ecology and break the false filters. It is not easy to lose weight from a big size body. It is not easy for ordinary people, and it is even more difficult for girls who have all kinds of uncontrollable defects. Let the "plus-size" girls learn to appreciate their sensual beauty, instead of having to go to extreme weight loss to cater to the "standard" skinny, show off their charm generously, and change the prejudice of the mainstream of society on the big size, this is the true development of the big size women's fashion significance!

But in our lives, there will still be some ideas that run counter to our ideas. I think this is probably because their thinking has not changed. They always believe that thin is beautiful. So they searched a lot of extreme ways to lose weight to achieve that goal. Here are some of the extreme methods they often take:

1. Vomiting weight loss method
After the meal, he used his index finger to "pick" his throat to induce vomiting, so that the food that he had just eaten was vomiting completely.
Hazard: Chronic vomiting and malnutrition are prone to occur, and it is easy to cause long-term gastric acid reflux, severe damage to the esophageal mucosa, and even gastrointestinal bleeding due to cardia mucosal tear.

2. Parasite weight loss method
"Swallowing" the eggs, using the eggs to multiply freely in the abdominal cavity and consume excess nutrients.
Hazard: Malnutrition, hidden bleeding in the digestive tract may cause anemia, biliary ascariasis, eosinophilic gastroenteritis and peritonitis, abdominal pain, diarrhea, ascites, and other symptoms. More serious, too many adults will gather in the intestines. Twisted into a ball, causing intestinal obstruction.

3. Diet to lose weight
The so-called diet to lose weight is to strictly control what you eat every day and reduce your appetite. If you go on a long-term diet to lose weight, you may lose a little weight, but your body will also be worn down.
Eating only a small amount of food every day means that the human body cannot absorb sufficient nutrients. All organs of the human body and all metabolic mechanisms need nutrients to nourish and promote. If there is a lack of nutrients for a time, the functions of various organs of the human body may face signs of decline, and the metabolic mechanism of the human body may become messy, which may induce various diseases.

At the same time, calories are being calculated every day, and only a few calories-containing foods are eaten every day, which will greatly reduce the body's muscle content. You know, the relationship between the body's muscle and fat is very close. If the body's muscle mass becomes less and less, the fat content in the body will take the opportunity to encroach on our body, and it will be more difficult to lose fat.
Harm: Weakened resistance and women's menstrual disorders.

Through some extreme ways to lose weight, it is not only health that is harmed, but we may also suffer from mental illness. What we need to know is that it is not that big size is equivalent to obesity, and obesity is equivalent to unhealthy. What we need to know is that no matter what kind of body we are in, as long as we keep exercising and eating healthy food, each of us can have health. Beautiful sexy body. plus size ladies should wear plus size lingerie to show their graceful figure, not because these thoughts prevent them from starting to be beautiful.

Plus-size women can be as sensual and sexy as any other shapely woman. I think that if society does not believe that women in large sizes are different only because of their body size, then establishing equality between the genders of our beloved women would be a wonderful and huge step forward.


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