Tips on dressing for different plus-size women's body types



Everyone's body has a shape, and you need to find clothes that suit your body shape in order to wear beautiful results. No matter you are a devil figure, plump, plus size or thin, you can wear your own personality. A smooth waistline is attractive, shape your waistline and you instantly look thinner, sexier, and more capable. Clothing in the same tone can make you look thinner and have the effect of lengthening your height, as do high heels. No matter what the body shape balance is the key.

Women with a plus-size apple-shaped body: Be sure to wear clothes that close your waist. Wear a belt, tuck your clothes into your pants, or choose clothes with brighter lines to naturally shape your waistline.

If you want to wear flowy clothes, choose a drapey outer garment without buttons, and wear a tighter garment inside for a more snug fit. For example, you can wear a plus size bodysuit or other close-fitting plus size lingerie under the outerwear.

If you want to wear printed clothes, be sure to choose clothes with large patterns, small and delicate patterns will appear messy on you.

Women with a plus-sized pear-shaped body (thin upper body and fat lower body): People with a pear-shaped body must highlight the thinnest part of the body. Under normal circumstances, choose clothes that are tight and loose at the bottom. For example, plus size babydoll or short skirt, this type of figure is not very suitable for trousers. Try high-waisted wide-leg pants, maybe they are the most fitting clothes. The waist of high-waisted wide-leg pants is right in the thinnest part of the body, and the wide leg will hide the leg curve. Choose jeans instead of leggings. If you like a slim pencil skirt, be sure to pair it with heeled shoes to make your legs look longer.

Women with a plus-sized hourglass body: Women with an hourglass shape must try to make the belt as thin as possible, and wear clothes that fit as much as possible, so as to show the curves of the body and close the waist. If your clothes don't have a waist-in and hide your hips, it will create a tent effect and cover up what's going on. This kind of figure must be the sexy route.

Wearing clothes is a deep knowledge. What kind of clothes you choose will give a woman what kind of body curve. We should first understand our body shape and fully understand what style and color clothes are most suitable for us.

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