Tips for plus size women on taking pictures


In our daily life, most people like to take pictures or videos to record all kinds of beautiful moments in life, yes, we plus size women do the same, we like to wear our favorite plus size lingerie or other kinds of Such sexy clothes, take a few photos or videos to record our own beauty at the moment, but most of the time the photos we take are not very satisfactory to us. So what to do? Here are a few tips for our plus size women to make their photos more beautiful .

Tip1: Capture the angle of the long legs

To a large extent, the angle determines whether the photo is good-looking or not. If you want to take a good-looking photo, it becomes particularly important to learn to capture the angle. For example, when taking a full-body photo, remember to leave the top of your head blank. The feet are on the edge of the camera. Only in this way can the proportion of the legs be elongated and become long legs properly.

Tip 2: walk and shoot

Natural walking is the most comfortable state, so you can try to take pictures while walking. Such photos will be very natural. If you need to make the picture playful, you can also add some movements to your hands and feet, which can create a playful and lovely feeling. , looks lively.

Tip 3: The "Triangle Rule" used in taking pictures
First of all, generally speaking, when taking pictures, try not to face the camera directly. Facing the camera directly not only looks rigid, but also looks very wide.
But it doesn't have to be 90° to the side, just a little sideways, the effect will be much better.
Then, you can start to boldly apply this "triangle rule".
Don't idle your hands and feet, and put all the triangles on your body up. Too bad if you stick there like a stone pillar.

I hope these tips can help the plus size women who are wondering how to take good-looking photos in our daily life. Let's use photos to show our beautiful and sexy curves and record them.

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