Tips and advice for plus size bra straps slipping off




Frequently falling off plus size bra straps is a very common and even annoying problem faced by most plus size women. This annoying hassle that almost drives you crazy! While most of us face the same problem, our reasons may vary. Let's find out why your bra straps are misbehaving. Don't worry because we have the solution to all your problems.

Why are my bra straps slipping?

1. Usage time

The most common cause of straps slipping is a worn or stretched bra. The elastics in bra straps lose their ability to stretch over time, wear, tear, and laundering. If your straps keep tightening but still slip off your shoulders, your bra is past its prime and needs to be replaced.

2. The shoulder straps are too long

Most bras don't provide much leeway for strap adjusters to move. If you enjoy using bras and styling outfits with bras, you may realize that the length of the straps is not flexible at all. The straps are still too long, even at the shortest length.

3. Shoulder strap position

The position of the straps on the bra can cause the straps to slip. If the straps are too far away from your shoulders, like the back strap tank top bra style, they're more likely to slip off -- especially if you have narrow shoulders.

How to keep your bra straps from slipping?

1. Use products to prevent bra straps from slipping

If your bra fits well, but the straps keep slipping and you have narrow shoulders, you should consider using strap clips to pull the bra straps together. You need to slide the clip onto the strap and attach it to the other strap.

2. Wear the right size

Knowing your bust size can help you figure out how to prevent bra straps from loosening. Some women don't pay attention to the size of their bust. If you're shopping for a bra, be sure to try different sizes for the perfect fit.

3. Improve your posture

Sometimes the problem isn't your bra. It's about your posture! Even with a perfect fit, the strap can come loose when you tilt it. How to keep bra straps from loosening? Sit up straight! You know you're not sitting up straight when you feel your shoulder straps slip.

4. Adjust the shoulder straps

Tightening bra straps is the easiest way to keep bra straps from loosening. If you tighten them a little, they will stay in place. Just make sure not to be too tight, as it can leave marks on your skin. Too tight will prevent slipping, but can irritate or scratch the skin. When you can put your fingers under the straps of your bra, you know it's a great fit.

If your bra straps aren't holding in place, we've explained why this happens and what steps you can take to fix it. Knowing these reasons and how to fix them will help you not be caught off guard next time something like this happens.

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