The special advantage of the different styles of lingerie



The design of plus size lingerie pays attention to every detail, showing noble quality everywhere, full of sexy charm without losing innocence. Looking for fashion information and design factors in nostalgia and regression, collide with the fashion atmosphere of my own personality. And different types of underwear show another me. The following 3 different types of underwear bring plus size women unique advantages that only belong to them.

Rope Plus Size Sexy Underwear
It seems that when you think of a rope, you should think of primitive society. That's right, that's what I want. Super-high underwear with straps on both sides of the waist for tying. This kind of underwear is bold and hot, suitable for women of all shapes and sizes.

Plus Size Garter Belt
The original intention of the garter belt is to use a ribbon or elastic band to tie on the stockings of the stockings, and the upper end is tied to the edge of the buckled hem of the belt or corset to prevent the stockings from slipping. The elastic band connects the upper body with the stockings, and appears and disappears under the high skirt, which is sexy and noble. Fashion stage designers have repeatedly exposed garter belts. It is not uncommon for garter belts to fly all over the sky at fashion conferences. What garter belts bring to women is not only to fix stockings, but also to show the beauty of women's wildness and resistance.

Plus Size Babydoll
There are styles such as long skirts and short skirts, which are different from ordinary skirts because of their outstanding "interest" and sexy as the center. The main performances are: outstanding transparency, coquettish lace, or pattern design highlights wildness. Usually paired with homogeneous panties or thongs.

No matter what type of underwear it is, it has its own unique features that make us plus-size women adore it, so we plus-size women should try different types to show our curves in different ways.

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