The difference between women's underwear and lingerie


Many times people use the words lingerie and women's underwear interchangeably. However, there's a difference between them both.

Both lingerie and underwear are worn under the clothes. The difference is it serves a distinct purpose. Underwear is literally bras and panties,practical clothing that offers functionality. From briefs to boy-shorts- anything can be underwear.

Lingerie brings a chic and aesthetically pleasing look to the eyes. Most of the lingerie is made from satin and silk cloth. There are multiple types of lingerie available for several occasions and moods. You can pamper yourself by shopping from the exclusive range available only for you.It covers all items, from slips and teddies and garter belts, and peignoirs, to plus size bras, panties, g-strings, etc.

However,lingerie is a generic term to denote women's undergarments, although it is now used more for high quality underwear made with lace, satin, silk, etc. Your day to day bras and panties, while still lingerie, are simply called underwear.Underwear is a very generic word for whatever you put on under your outer wear. It makes sense, doesn’it? It therefore includes lingerie. In other words, lingerie is a category of underwear, just as sport or breast feeding bras are.

Lingerie is sexier, well designed, feminine, fancy underwear. It uses expensive fabrics, like genuine lace. Design is much more sophisticated. It is not only made for comfort or protection. It is not strictly utilitarian. It is more fragile (washing, drying…).As you understand, it is more, sometimes much, much more expensive. It is generally bought (and worn) as matching pieces : bra + panties/thongs, sometimes garter belts as well.

Given the price tag and the fitting necessity, high-end lingerie will rarely fill up the underwear drawer of average teenagers ! Female bodies can vary a lot between puberty and woman’s age, when it gets pretty stabilized. Thus, lingerie is mostly worn by >25 years old women.

The difference between what we call lingerie, underwear and corsetry, is almost nil, since practically its function is the same, its original purpose is quite deferred from one another.

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