The best plus size panties for your hip type




By now, many plus size women may have a clear idea of ​​choosing the right plus size lingerie according to their body type. But did you know there are different hip shapes too? Just as it is important to know the shape of your breasts to find the right bra for you, it is equally valuable to know the shape of your hips for the same reason. The shape of your butt is determined by a combination of factors, including the structure of your butt, where your cheeks are fullest, and where your hips are widest. Once you've figured out your hip shape, you'll be better able to figure out which panty style will complement your figure better.

Best panties for your hip shape: Pear Shape

Your ass is like an upside-down heart. The bottom of the hip has more volume than the top, and the widest part of the hip is at the bottom. In fact, sometimes your hips are "low" on your thighs. Your waist tapers to your hips with less and less "line" between your waist and your hips. Women with this hip shape usually have a pear-shaped figure with full thighs and a small waist. It's a gorgeous shape that really accentuates the beautiful hip curves of leggings and jeans.

If you have a pear-shaped hip, it's a good rule of thumb to wear boy briefs, calf openings, or any underwear with minimal stretch. In this way, you can accentuate a narrower waistline and leave room lower for the hips to reflect the natural shape of a wider than waist.

Best panties for your hip shape: Square

Women with square hips have taller and more prominent hip bones that don't taper toward the bottom. Your hips are the same width from top to bottom and appear flat due to the lack of curves. You may notice a "hip dip" between the pelvis and the actual cheek.

If you want to create the illusion of volume and curves, the trick is to wear a high waist with cheeky panties that accentuate your hips and differentiate your hips from your waist. Also, keep in mind that printed or lace panties are more likely to make your hips look bloated than solid-colored panties.

Best panties for your hip shape: Inverted Triangle

Inverted triangle, also known as "V" shape. If your hips are fullest and roundest at the top near the widest part of your hips, then your hips are probably inverted triangles. This hip shape is common among women with broad shoulders and narrow hips. People with this hip shape may feel that their hips look small or underproportioned. If you want to create the illusion of a fuller bottom, styles like bikini bottoms, boy shorts and leg ruffles will support you in creating a fuller butt!

Best panties for your hip shape: Round

Round butt: Also known as a "bubble butt," this full-looking butt fat is distributed over the entire buttocks, top and bottom, protruding from top to bottom (attribute it to what you've been doing all squats, or maybe just genetic). Women with this type of hips tend to have hips that are much wider than the waist, resulting in an hourglass figure.

With this shape, if you want the illusion of more cheeks on the sides to balance the center of the fullest hips, look for panties that gather high in the back and have high-cut leg openings so the eyes can fit higher position. High-leg panties can really show off that round butt, and thongs and Brazilian bikinis are great for showing off those enviable butts too!

Wondering what shape your hips are? Go to the mirror and start matching!

Once you're done, I highly recommend using Isabeleros' panties to empower your glutes. Once you've found the panties that best fit your hip shape, experiment with various panty cuts and patterns and you'll quickly know which one you like best.

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