Is being a plus-size woman wrong?


Today, when the voice of "aesthetic diversity" is constantly heard, although people continue to struggle on the road of fighting anxiety, they still cannot completely dispel the voice of controversy brought about by solidified aesthetics. Some fixed perceptions reflect the trend of the times to encourage body management.

The fashion industry strengthens the connection between "thin" and "beauty" through mass media. People are driven by this aesthetic to adopt corresponding consumption behaviors, which in turn strengthens this cognition. This is why diet pills, weight loss classes, light meals, etc. "Skinny Collection" is so popular in contemporary times.

Under this concept, there are also such voices: "Potential stocks", "Slim down is absolutely beautiful"... They seem to affirm the beauty of plus-size girls, but in fact, they are still incompatible with the aesthetic concept of "thin is beautiful" Absolutely echoed, hidden expectations and imaginations for plus-size girls to lose weight.

The fitness industry is also deepening the causal relationship between "fat" and "unhealthy", attracting people to go to the gym, open fitness apps, and get rid of fat to create a healthier and more beautiful body, and gain a sense of control over their own body.

However, with a little thought, the association between fat and thinness and health and self-control loosens. Excessive obesity is indeed associated with unhealthy conditions, but not all obesity is unhealthy, and not all obesity can be easily changed through self-control.

But this seemingly comprehensive analysis did not "let go" of the helpless plus-size girl. In daily communication, appearance is an intuitive visual information, while "fat-prone constitution" and "drug effects" are not so obvious. Therefore, the fixed cognition of "fatness is not good" often affects every fat girl indiscriminately.

And thinness is not necessarily healthy. The fear of obesity leads to another extreme - the excessive pursuit of thinness. This thinness is out of the scope of health and becomes a morbid aesthetic.

Fat and thin is only a standard of mainstream aesthetics. In addition to fat and thin, there are more evaluation systems to be challenged. For example, some people pointed out that these plus-size models are "fat but stylish" and "good facial features".

It makes people realize that the "fat and thin battle" is just the tip of the iceberg, and there are more stereotypes and power relations to question. These plus-size girls may have violated the "skinny is beautiful" standard, but they did not completely break the "barriers" of mainstream aesthetics.

All worldly thinking aside, is this idea wrong or right? The protagonist of this idea should be ourselves because it's more about how you feel and how you care about yourself, having good mental and physical health is a blessing if you can do it regardless of your size At this point, then any body type is a beautiful and sexy body type.

Plus size women are as beautiful and gorgeous as any other woman, plus size doesn't always mean lazy and unfit and slim doesn't mean you're always fit and super active, we can wear our favorite plus size underwear, plus size babydoll, plus size bodysuit, showing our beauty to the world we love. We don't want to cater to others by losing weight or gaining weight, we just want to be ourselves.

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