How to measure bra size correctly ?


Although the plus-size bras currently on the market can adapt to women's breasts of various shapes and sizes, there are still a few women's bras that are slightly different. A truly complete bra size may be too long to include, but the common standard size range is from 32A to 36D. I believe there will still be a few women who do not fit this standard size range. When we look forward to buying our bra, we think it suits us, but sometimes we have to accept this reality. It may be that there is an error in our own measurement or other reasons, and finally, we have to accept the fact that its size is incorrect and does not fit us.

What we need is the right size and comfort during wearing. If we have a correct way to measure our breast size, I believe we will all have a complete set of fitting bras. The following is how to measure breast size correctly.

To correctly measure our breast size, there are two key points when measuring, they are the cup size and the bust size.

Measurement methods:
To measure the size of the bra, use a tape measure around your chest to calculate the size of the chest strap, just below your breast, where the bra strap is, and make sure that the tape has no title when measuring. Now pay attention to this number. If the number is even, add 4, and if it is odd, add 5. The number obtained is the bra size.

The cup size is measured by standing upright and holding the tape measure on the fullest part of the breast.

Then subtract the strap measurement from the cup size. Based on the resulting number, you can calculate the cup size.

If the difference is <1, the cup size is AA, if it is 1, it is A, if it is 2, it is B, and so on. 5 is DD. 6 is E, etc.

Next time we buy a bra, we can use this practical measuring method to measure our charming breast lines, so let’s have our own beauty.

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