How to choose fit lingerie?


Do you feel the same that plus size lingerie is so hard to find! I knew this already, but when I ventured out into the big, wide world of lingerie to find options in a 22 or above, there weren’t a lot out there. However, thanks to the wonders of the and hours of online shopping, I've got you covered. Cute bras, bodysuits, sexy babydolls and comfy undies. Let’s get into it.

Before we dive deep into the shop I found, here are some bra hacks that every plus size bra-wearing person should live by:

There are so many women out there wearing the wrong size bra, and not to be alarmist, but wearing the wrong size can lead to back and neck pain, skin breakdown and even lead to blocked lymph nodes.

Fat babes and babes with big busts need extra support, so I never wear a bra that has less than three clasps at the back.And make sure you can hook the bra comfortably on the second or third set of hooks. The first set is providing you no support.

How many times have you been wearing a bra and then sat down, only to have the bands of your bra eaten by your fat rolls? You’re not alone.This is why we want a bra with a wider band. Similarly to our bra hooks, broader bands are going to leave you with more support and less pain.

I know lingerie can be expensive and I’ve tried to find a variety of price points, but some things are worth the extra cash. Bras and lingerie are two of those things.

In summary, a suitable lingerie can not only make women more beautiful and have a great impact on health. So we have to learn how to choose the lingerie that suits us

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