How about dating with plus size women?


When it comes to large-size women, there is no doubt that there will be some voices that are different from those of slim women.But wait, what happened?What makes us think there is anything different in dating a plus sized woman to dating a slimmer one ? there isn’t any as dating a plus size woman is exactly the same as dating a woman who is slimmer,you are with them for their company and you like them as a person, as the ladies size has no bearing on what it is like to be on a date with them,they are people just bigger in body, with feelings and personalities like everyone else.

You could be the most beautiful person in the world, but still have no appeal to him, because simply it’s not his type, or that looks don’t matter to him.Especially those with values. Those that don’t only look at your body. I know a lot of chubby girls, and they have really great personalities. Their looks don’t matter!You’re perfect. Maybe not to everyone, but to him. That’s why he chose you.

Dating is all about confidence, being safe and being ok to handle rejection. The laws of attraction have some basics to them, but in the end…its more random then you know.Therefore,date with confidence! You go, girl!Some tips here can provide when you're ready to go on a date:

When you go on dates, don’t try to eat like a bird or leave half of your food and claim you’re full. They will see your size and can tell you like to eat. Embrace it!Start the way you intend to continue. I guess that’s another way of being yourself!In the long run, trying to be what someone wants you to be will only waste your time because it is impossible to keep going. I think this is not a big-size specific prompt.

Invest in some nice date attire. Have a cute shorter skirt, some nice tights/ plus size hosiery, flirty dress, etc. Make sure when you go on a date that you are feeling like you look good. Confidence from a nice outfit is so valuable. It doesn’t need to be skintight or lowcut. Just something you feel good/powerful /sexy in. Also, dress appropriately. Don’t wear stilettos for a picnic, don’t wear cowboy boots to a fancy dinner. You may have an outfit in mind, but just make sure it’s appropriate for the date planned.

Make sure to groom yourself well.I know you’ll go into a first date thinking “there is no way we’re gonna make out. I want to be a lady and show them I’m not just a one night stand” HOWEVER, better to be ready for anything so if things go that way, you can still feel in control.Try to forget that you’re plus-sized. There is so much more to you than your weight. Don’t let it hold you back!

But no matter what size, you should strive to be healthy. With love, you shouldn't be looking for someone who will overlook your flaws, that's dangerous. Look for someone who will work with you on your flaws.

But also remember, you gotta love you first. Take care of yourself and be healthy because you love and respect yourself, not as a way to get a guy.There is of course a point where too fat is just too fat and it swallows up any good shape the body naturally had, but this is equally true for too thin.I probably have a slight preference for having a little extra meat jiggling around, but mostly a good body is just a good body, some petite and slim women can have them too, but yeah lots of rather “plus sized” women definitely do as well.

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