Do you like plus size women?


If you were a man, would you like girls with big sizes? I think I will. Women in society are larger now than they ever have been at any time in our history. I find that more and more men are finding plus size women to be even more beautiful than thin and skinny women. Plus size women often wear flattering tops and bottoms that accentuate their breasts, butt and bellies. Most of the time if they are big busted they wear plus size lingerie that show lots of cleavage because they can flaunt it.

For a man like me I find this particularly attractive as I love women with curves. I think women with curves are more attractive than thinner, skinny women. I have seen and heard from guys that they are finding ladies who have more curves more attractive in general. Several of my good friends have chosen big-size girls as their girlfriends or wives. We all think they will be more attractive and sexy than thin girls. I hear men that always comment how big their wives get when pregnant and love how they look. So, I can say with confidence there are more and more men who I think are also seeking women who have these lovely, softer and curvier physical traits.

Women today who are classified as plus size or big beautiful woman (BBW) are often characterized as having larger size breasts, bigger butts, wider hips and big bellies. Some even have “rolls” which I think are also very sexy!

A woman can be beautiful no matter if she is skinny, thin, average or plus size. It does not matter, it is simply your personal choice. Large or thin women have their own charms. Whether it is fat or thin, health and self-confidence are the most important.

Confidence will do you great wonders if you can accept your body and your mental strengths. One day, some guy will appreciate that. You’ll definitely have your ‘trial and errors’ but that’s the process it takes to finally find the person that’s meant to be with you!

My personal choice is only to date plus size women because I find them beautiful, sexy, attractive and very seductive. They possess lots of womanly curves that only a plus size woman can have. That’s the only kind of woman for me.

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