Do you know why is women's lingerie so sexualised?


One of the reasons, as Stephanie said, is because everything related to women is sexualized. By men. For their enjoyment. By the culture.

Grown men leer over adolescent girls who are entirely covered up because the shapes of their bodies are visible in their skinny jeans and leggings. T-shirts. Sports uniforms! Sepp Blatter said that women's soccer would be more popular if the players wore shorter, tighter uniforms.

Generally speaking, if a woman looks good in jeans, she'll look twice as good in her underwear. Why? Because even though how women look under their skirt is the world’s worst-kept secret, it's still considered somewhat taboo to look. A girl’s panties are suppose to be secret, and therefore because it's SUPPOSED to be secret, of course everyone wants to look.

Then there's the Christmas tree psychology of panties. You have something absolutely awesome you really want under the Christmas tree, but even knowing EVERYTHING about it, somehow it's better when it's wrapped. Because it prolongs the mystery, because it makes the anticipation more worthwhile, and (at the risk of sounding somewhat crude) it makes the unwrapping of your “present” more exciting.

And there is another reason ,because men and women are sexual beings and underwear are intimate and designed primarily to be seen by a woman’s boyfriend or husband. Men are visual creatures so they notice and appreciate articles of clothing that are lacy, silky, and exceedingly feminine since these are all strong symbols of womanhood and capture the attention of men. This is why men find lacy underwear, silky teddies, and sheer pantyhose very sexy.

For a long time, there have been far more items and varieties of women's underwear as compared to men's. Hence more options for the fashion industry to come up with new styles.It contains plus size is fashionable to life.Of course plus size lingerie,etc.

In addition to the fashion industry making sensual underwear, there's the advertising industry and popular media which often use sex as a tool to sell. If you look at an average woman's average underwear, there's nothing sexual about it, not unless you've a fetish. We don't wear those lacy, sheer lingerie all the time. If you look at all women's underwear that exist in the world, a lot of them are pretty mundane. But when someone has to sell something, they deliberately create a sensual combination of a beautiful woman clad in an exceptionally good looking expensive lingerie. And in today's world, fashion, advertising and media industry are so ubiquitous in our lives that we find the sexualized imagery more often than the reality, which is regular women in all kinds of body shapes wearing well-worn out grandma panties or boy shorts.

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