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For many plus size women, plus size lingerie is seen as utilitarian—practical, useful, necessary. When you choose the color of your lingerie, you need to use existing colors and consider your hair, eyes and skin. After all, you've already done that when choosing your makeup color. So, consider jumping out of your traditional lingerie palette and finding some new shades to complement and accentuate your natural beauty and features. Here are some ideas and guidelines.


Next time you choose a plus size lingerie, consider eye color. The right shade can make your eyes stand out.

Blue Eyes - Generally, blue-eyed ladies can choose from the brightest to the darkest shade of blue. Given the range of blue, you should see how big your range is! Also try brown or a mix of brown and blue, which can complement your eyes too.

Green Eyes - Any shade of green for the green-eyed lady will work. However, the red and floral pattern with a mix of red and green is outstanding. Olive and earth tones also work well with green eye color. Hazel and Brown Eyes - People with hazel eyes are lucky and have access to all earth tones, greens and blues. Women with brown eyes look beautiful in purple, brown and darker colors..


When considering new lingerie shades, consider your hairstyle as well. Blonde --- Blondes are best paired with soft, light colors such as pastels. These work on and don't overwhelm their natural hair color. That's because these lighter shades will enhance your hair color without overshadowing it with too bold contrast. At the same time, blondes can get away with oranges and reds because the blonde look is a bit darker, which means it will compliment those shades.

Brunette---Brunette can opt for a richer color that will counter the darker tones of your hair. Dark blues, greens, reds and purples all lead the way, along with colorful patterns and earthy tones like gold. Earth tones and vibrant prints can sizzle on dark-haired women. Try to stay away from pastel colors as these do give you a washed out look.

Redhead - If you are a fiery redhead, the best colors to enhance your red locks will make you look great. You can't go wrong when choosing lingerie in sexy shades of dark green, dark purple and plum, as well as most blues, reds and whites. At the same time, almost all animal prints are stunning. With red hair, you should try to avoid oranges and yellows. These will clash with your hair tone.


It's not just your hair and eye color that has to complement the hue you're wearing. You also need to consider your skin tone.

If you're a plus-size woman with fair skin, it's great for pastel shades and pastel colors like pastels and powders that won't be too harsh on your porcelain skin. Women with medium skin tones can enhance the radiance of their skin color with rich colors and deep jewel tones. Avoid pale pastel shades as they can actually detract from the skin's undertones. If you have a darker complexion, you have the widest range of options. This is because dark skin is not in danger of fading or dulling, so you can get away with almost any sexy lingerie color. To accentuate your dark skin tone, choose bright colors - think pinks, yellows, reds, blues and whites for the right accent shades. For a more exotic style, try a bold pattern that will wow him!

Finding the right lingerie for you is easier than you think! Be sure to take the time to try a series and put your heart and soul into the task. Maybe go to a lingerie store and try a range of different pieces. With so many styles and colors, you really shouldn't have a problem finding one that works for you. Enjoy!

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