Are plus-size women special for shops?


I hope that shops treat plus-size women the same as standard-size women, and can provide more clothes for women like us, including plus-size lingerie, plus-size skirts, jeans, and sexy bra sets.

I want the store to use a real plus-size figure when advertising clothes. Most XL models are size 12, which is the size for ordinary women, not XL. And most stores do not use actual large-size mannequins for display. I think this is unfair to large-size women.

However, many online shops have begun to pay attention to the market of oversized clothes, specializing in oversized categories. I want more choices instead of frowning, dazzling and printing. There are as many preferred styles and fashions for plus-size women as there are for regular-size women, although you won't know it in most stores. The style is a little more than before, but it is still much less than the standard size. It appeals to businesses and designers to increase the design of large-size clothing, and the proportion of large-size women is also increasing.

Large-size women can also highlight their own lines if they choose clothes that suit them, because our advantage is that they are plumper than standard-size women. There are also some big-size outfit bloggers who will recommend how to match clothes. If you want to make your dress more fit, you can find bloggers you like on Instagram and Pinterest.

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